This is the Art Experience

 you have been looking for! 


Basic: Learn to draw characters-construction of faces & bodies,individual character features & facial expression, along with introduction to movement will be covered in this class.

Advanced: Student will be challenged to create own character & go beyond their comfort zone to improve & expand their skills. Copic markers, watercolor & colored pencil application are options for colorization.
Mon. 4:15-5:45 (ages 8-11) OR 5:45-7:15 (ages 12-17)    Instructor: Kimberly Rock

Introduction to Photography: In this class we will cover the fundamentals of photography, learn the basics of composition and lighting, how to take photographs with the camera or phone you have. We will cover the basics of editing a photo, learn how to make the most out of them. You will learn techniques to apply to everyday photography and how to find your photographic style to make them unique. 
Supplies needed: Iphone or "point & shoot camera".  Editing will be done with an iPad, laptop, or phone, and instructor will require that a certain app or software is installed in order to complete this (apps range from $1.99-6.99). Since software/app needs will vary per student, the instructor will be in touch with each individual with a list after the 1st class with instructions for installation.

Tuesday: 4:15-5:45 (Ages: 9-15)       $110.00   Instructor: Kimberly Rock 

Acrylic Painting: Learn how to draw a good interesting composition, manipulate paint with fun tricks & 

techniques on canvas! A variety of subjects such as landscape, still life and your choice to paint. You'll be

amazed at your results and be able to use what you learn at home!     

Age 8-13                   Thurs. 4:15-5:45  Inst. Ally Irsay

Art Form Specific Technical Classes; Fall 8 week sessions

SEWING CLASS: Learn to sew and use a variety of stitches on the machine and hand stitch, use patterns.Beginners to Advanced welcome- I can work with all levels. create a stuffed monster, elephant and zippered bag...OR bring your own idea and pattern.You are welcome to bring your own machine so you can learn to use it!  $115.00 includes all supplies and fun fabrics!

Wedn. 4:15-5:45 or 5:45-7:15 Age 12-adult   8 weeks-  $115.00          Instructor:Lindsay Calabrese               

Photo's of Artist Choice Students!

What do you want to create??!

3-Dimensional Discovery

You will construct a wooden abstract structure or whimsical animal with hammers, nails, and glue. Get messy creating a paper mache form of your choice...maybe a giant insect, ice cream cone or a guitar? You choose!

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Fall Classes Session Sept. 5-October 28- 7 & 8 week sessions

YOUNG  ARTIST  CLASSES: 6 & 8 week sessions

Youth Drawing

Learn to to use a variety of lines, shading & pencil

techniques to improve your drawing skills through

demonstration & training your eye "to see as an artist". 

Use graphite and/or charcoal! Still life's & photographs

used as inspiration. Drawing challenges based on skill

level. You'll be amazed at what you will learn and the

realism your drawings will take on



Aug.4, 8 & 9



SAT. AUG. 12  11:00-3:00



& Summer Arts & Crafts Special Event Days!

Sculpey Clay:

Create all kinds of 3- dimensional forms-

animals, inanimate objects, fantasy creatures,

bas-reliefs and more wihsculpey clay.

We'll bake them and paint them to your

color selections!

SCULPTURAL CLAY CREATIONS: Have a blast learning to hand build & use clay tools to create an animal, Nature based BAS-RELIEF and abstract functional container! 2-3 projects completed, Learn to texturize, cut, shape & mold! Fired and glazed! Use terra cotta and talc clay.    

Tuesday   4:15-5:45    Ages 8-17  (grouped by age)       Instructor- Ally Irsay

Parent & Child: Mom's, Dad's or Grandparents bring their child and do art together! You choose what art you want to do. Get creative together! Get some quality time spending art time together!  Tues. 4:15-5:45 Age 8-adult

Fall  2017 Schedule:


Learn to love & paint with watercolor! Tricks, techniques, wet into wet, use pen, colored pencil to enhance

and experiment! Fun class with beautiful results!

Fri.4:15-5:45 age 9-15 or adult & child.    Inst.Caitlin Rausch

Artist Choice Class Description:

Student selects "what" & "how" they want to create art! Instructor discusses students' interest, skill level & creative direction, then guides & challenges student to improve & perfect their skills. Student selects images from real life set-ups, imagination or photographs with instructor input.Choose to draw, paint, paper mache', collage... we love new IDEAS! Instructor works directly with each student as they explore, create experiment! Art materials supplied. Class sizes are maximum 10 students to insure "One on One" instruction.

Take a look at some of the Art Forms to choose from in"Artist Choice" class:

Mom & Tot "Art Play": Kids experience pleasure & tactile stimulation playing with paint,papers, drawing tools, glue, paper mache, clay & more! Fine Motor & bonding experience for all!

Tues. 2:00-3;00   6 weeks/$82.50 Age 2 1/2-up    Inst. A.Larsen

DRAWING: Learn to use a variety of lines, shading, & pencils techniques to improve your drawing skills through demonstration & training your eye "to see as an artist". Still life's & photographs used as reference and inspiration. Drawing challenges based on skill level.     Tues.4:15-5:45 age 8-11 OR 5:45-7:15 age 12-17   OR  Sat. 9:30-11:00  Inst. Caitlin Rausch

Artist Choice Classes:see class description below schedule **

$110.00- 8 Week Session  (Monday is 7 weeks, $96.25,closed Sept. 4, Labor Day)

Day                    Time                               Age group                                                        Instructor

Monday:         4:15-5:45                      Age 8-12                                               Amber Larsen
                      5:45-7:15                  Age 13-18 Teen                                                "  "
4:15-5:45               Age 8-12 kids OR Parent & Child                             "  " 

                      5:45-7:15               Age 11-17 Tween & Teen                            Amber Larsen

Wednesday:   4:15-5:45                       Age 8-12                                              Amber Larsen

​                      5:45-7:15                       Age 8-12                                                      "   "

Thursday        4:15-5:45                 Age 10-13 Tween                                              "   "

Friday:           4:15-5:45                     Age 8-12                                                Kimberly Rock

                      5:45-7:15                     Age 12-17                                              Kimberly Rock

Saturday:       9:30-11:00                   Age 6-9                                                  Kimberly Rock

                     11:00-12:20                  Age 10-13                                                       "  "


Learn this ancient & beautiful form of art! Use ceramic, stone, found objects, & shells to create at least 3 magnificent pieces of art. Bring

in 1 object to mosaic. We'll supply

a choice of picture frames, lamps &

other objects to mosaic

onto and design a picture on a

wood substrate with glass and tiles!

Students LOVE to have

choices &

create all types of art!!!


Make these fun art projects, easel paint and more!
***Hand painted apron, fuse bead art, jewelry, twirly pinwheel, flower pot decoration….and more!!! (not everything is pictured below....)
DATES:  Fri. August  4, Tues. Aug. 8 or Wedn. Aug. 9
TIME: 10:30-12:30 OR 1:00-3:00
$25.00 per child- Bring a snack- we get hungry getting creative!
Stay for both time frames for $40.00 and do MORE art! (Bring a lunch!)
If you can’t make the whole time- we can prorate!
All siblings get 5% off!
Call 815-404-6520 or email to sign up!! Contact Amber with any questions!

Youth Colored Pencil

Learn to draw realistically, then develop beautiful color through color layering and burnishing. Step by step approach with direct instruction and demonstration. You will be amazed!

Amber's Art Place


Fiber Art:

Choose to weave on the loom, "in the round" or create a container! Stitch a scene or image onto burlap or canvas!

You can sew your weaving into a pillow too!

Art Journaling/Smashbook

You don't have to be a writer or an artist to keep an

art journal. This is a no mistakes, no judgement class

of self expression. Explore art techniques with

sketching, collage, writing, photos, etc. 

You will then create images

of your life explorations, memories,

secrets & imagination.

Lit'le Artist Explorers:  Young children explore art elements. Paint, draw,sculpt, cut, glue & get creative!

Structured fun art lessons focusing on art elements, fine motor skills and experience the art process while exploring many mediums.

Exciting class for little ones to learn all about their creativity and feel proud of their accomplishments!  

Wedn. 2:15-3:30  6 weeks- $82.50  Sept. 20-Oct. 25  Age 4-5

Printmaking & Mixed Media:Create printing plates & stamps with linoleum & other materials; Learn design and creative, colorful, textural art canvases & papers with paint, stencils, stamps, sponges & all kinds of fun stuff to print on!  

Wedn. 4:15-5:45 Age 9-16  Ally Irsay- Inst.

KREATIVE KIDZ: Structured class teaches drawing skills, color wheel, cutting, gluing, & other fine motor art techniques focusing on art elements. Experience painting, charcoal, pastels and more! Wedn. 4:10-5:35  Age 6-8


Youth Oil Painting

Learn the techniques to oil paint. Discover how

to blend & manipulate this beautiful

medium. You will complete a landscape

& animal painting of your choice.

Challenges based on age group.

Demonstration & direct instruction.

Acrylic & Watercolor Painting

Learn the ease & versatility of these mediums. A landscape, still life, & student choice of subject will be completed. This is a step-by-step method of instruction. Start with the basics &

build up to gorgeous colorful works of art.

You'll learn textural tricks & use fun additives.

Mixed Media/Printmaking ~ Collage & Steampunk!

Create unique artwork using many medias, encaustic wax, papers & found objects. Use your imagination, personal expression & develop your inner artist in this intriguing class. Your ideas & creativity will be magnificently brought to life. We will also use nuts, bolts and gears to

create a steampunk sculpture on an armature! Very cool!!