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June 12-August 12

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Patricia Lynn Eagle: My home is in northern Illinois, not far from the Wisconsin border, where native prairies and forests once covered the land. A clear prairie lake is a stone's throw away.
A favorite memory is that years ago, on rides down open country roads, my dad would sometimes slow the car to barely a crawl and tell us how it must have been to walk, run and ride horses across the vast prairies, matching the speed of the car to his stories. The wonder and awe that I felt listening to those stories has never left me.
Prairie colors of windswept grass, azure skies, silvery waters and sun drenched stones are prevalent in my work. My designs are not meant to reflect any certain culture or time; they are from somewhere inside of me, and without sketching or planning, they unfold in my hands.
The earth is our blessed home. I strive to use uncomplicated and earth friendly processes and materials in my jewelry designs and to live the same way by taking a gentle approach to the land and its creatures.
I have been told that my jewelry conveys a sense of peace and wholeness, which is always my intent.

Lindsay Calabrese (Sewing Instructor) is a local designer and seamstress who lives in Crystal Lake with her husband and 4 children. Since receiving her degree in Fashion Design, she has been designing and creating children's clothing, doing clothing alterations, and teaching homeschool sewing classes. She is excited to share her skills and teach here at Amber's Art Place.

I have been creating art since I was a child, and have always had a camera by my side. I have to mention that my first camera was a orange Ninja Turtle camera that said, “Cowabunga, smile!” every time I released the shutter. Luckily, technology has changed for the better and I have a wide range of professional photography equipment to capture your life. (And I probably won’t say, “Cowabunga!” while taking your pictures...but you never know.)
I graduated in May 2012 from Northern Illinois University with a BA in English. I also taught after school art classes during college for elementary students, which was something I felt very passionate about. Children deserve to express their creative minds, and I enjoyed that I was there to help inspire them.
I love to teach in small settings, and enjoy getting to know that each student understands, and feels taken care of. I am looking forward to teaching photography at Amber's Art Place to students of all ages. 

Ally Irsay: "Ally comes to Ambers Art Studio as a life long artist.  She received her first set of acrylic paint over 20 years ago and has experiece with a number of different arts and crafts styles.  Ally has taken multiple art classes in high school, college and beyond and has done a number of works in acrylic, oil and water color paints, chalk and oil pastels and is currently focusing on linoleum block printing, furniture chalking & mixed media.  Ally owns her own Etsy shop and sells her block prints as greeting cards at Conscious Cup Coffee in Crystal Lake.  She is excited to host upcoming workshops and classes and share the joy of art with others!"

Emily Kreiger is a Senior at Cary Grove High School. She has been involved in art her entire life and involved in the Cary Grove Art Department since Freshman year. Her favorite type of art is Anime/Manga, a style of cartoon from Japan. She is very excited to share her love of Anime and Manga art by teaching it to others!

Artist/Owner/Instructor: Amber Larsen

Amber is an Art Educator (MFA)/Artist. She taught as an Art Specialist for 17 years in District 47 and continues to love teaching art after 20 years to all levels of children, teens and adults. She has participated in local & state art shows. She is the founder of Creative Arts Fine Art School and served as director/instructor for 7 years. Amber teaches art from her heart building self-esteem in her students and challenging them to find their inner artist. She believes that through the process of doing art, individuals experience creative thinking, problem solving and development of their artistic ‘eye”!  Each art endeavor develops technical skills, artistic interpretation and unique quality artwork.